(C88) [774 House (774)] 774 Rakugaki Hon C88 (Saki) [English] =Funeral of Smiles + Facedesk=

(C88) [774 House (774)] 774 Rakugaki Hon C88 (Saki) [English] =Funeral of Smiles + Facedesk=

Here’s a short featuring Kasumi Iwato from Saki. No sex, just Kasumi’s tits.  Many thanks to Von of Facedesk for translating.

I’ve started working again, and with Comiket stuff coming out, my normal projects are gonna be delayed again. I’m gonna be releasing some scripts to the public next week so if anyone’s interested in anything one particular thing, leave a comment.

Happy “Dem Tits and Nipples” Fapping



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4 Responses to “ “(C88) [774 House (774)] 774 Rakugaki Hon C88 (Saki) [English] =Funeral of Smiles + Facedesk=”

  1. Kkhan says:

    Hey psyburn. I would like to thank you for your work. I was also wondering of you will be translating works by Sanbun Kyoden such as the Yamahime no mi series featuring Miwako, Masae, Chizurue and Yuuko.

  2. Ehud says:

    Many thanx.

  3. paper says:

    please don’t tell me this is abandoned

  4. Pesqu says:

    Thanks for the translation, You could translate this doujins http://exhentai.org/g/613867/e3f41e75f9/?p=1, please

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