[Hana Hook] Okaa-san no Koubi [ENG]

And I’m back after a brief haitus (thank school for that) with a new release. The long awaited mother corruption story from Hana Hook is done with a big thanks to Keevan from Little White Butterflies for doing the bulk of the editing on it, Kusanyagi translating, and Afro Thunda for the QC and to a lesser extent me as I did some editing and QC.

For site announcements, I will be getting the next chapter of Naked Party to you all soon. However, I have a project with LWB that I’ve been bullshitting on for months that I’m gonna finish before I do Naked Party. Also, I’ve finished my workstudy at school so I’m unemployed again. I’m looking for someone to do some translations for me for free if possible. I will trade my editing skills for translations and I could offer web site space if your interested in having your own blog. Contact me at psyburn21@funeralofsmiles.com if your interested.

Lesson of this story, don’t steal and bully your classmates as they’ll blackmail your mom and corrupt her with sex. Its a good lesson, right???

Happy Rage Fapping

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9 Responses to “ “[Hana Hook] Okaa-san no Koubi [ENG]”

  1. Sherbet says:

    Great work sir, thanks for your effort, I hope you can work someday on other stuff from Hana Hook, like:

  2. Haha says:

    Thanks 😉

  3. DatGuy says:

    Man, I wish there was an aftermath to it. It would make for one hell of an awkward morning. Something like Ryouta waking up the next day and seeing his mom cooking breakfast and with her being back in “mom mode” and acts as if nothing happened the other day.

  4. DatGuy says:

    And what’s the big deal about Ryouta stealing a keychain that his mom gets blackmailed into becoming some kid’s whore?

  5. blackkami says:

    Fantastic translation. I hope to see more work of this artis on here! 🙂

  6. liar says:

    Is there any part 2 / sequel to this?

  7. Hibiki Tokai says:

    wow that crazy! i nope next sequel could teach that blackmailed a lesson

  8. hikaru000007@gmail.com
    i’m still learning japanese but i really want to help.

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