[Yumisuke Kotoyoshi] Naked Party Chapter 6 [English]

This is my favorite story arc in this book and its because of this really delicious MILF, Misono-san.  Chapter 7 will be next, then I’ll do the re-edit of chapter 4.  Also, I’ll be working with LWB with C81 coming very soon.  Keep an eye out for stuff from there.

BTW, how’s my editing been so far.  Leave some comments about what I can improve on.

Happy Fapping

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6 Responses to “ “[Yumisuke Kotoyoshi] Naked Party Chapter 6 [English]”

  1. Leonardo says:

    What about chapter 5, are you gonna scanlate it???

  2. JukanX says:

    I see no issue with your editing of this chapter.
    Thanks for the release.

  3. Ehud says:

    Many thanx guys.

  4. Silver21 says:

    links are dead, mirrors please

  5. Red1 says:

    links are dead, new mirrors please

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