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Here’s a quick netorare share to everyone,  [MTSP] Tachibana-san’s Circumstances With a Man (English).  An original story translated by Fated Circle and Touma for   The setup before shit hits the fan is excellent, and the second half is quite fucked up.  A definite must read.  Just the gallery link for now and I’ll add Mediafire sometime tomorrow.

Also, for those of you that have been following Faytear’s blog all these years, I will have an announcement related to his work soon.  Also, I did an edit job for Little White Butterflies that you should expect to see soon.  I think you will like this one as its by one of my favorite ntr artists.

Happy Rage Fapping


10 Responses to “ “Share: [MTSP] Tachibana-san’s Circumstances With a Man (English) (Original) {}”

  1. rx10a says:

    nice, did someone knows if there is a sequel?

  2. DatGuy says:

    Too soon for a sequel.

  3. rx10a says:

    sorry, wrong question; i ask again correctly

    Do you think there will be a sequel?

  4. DatGuy says:

    Hope so. No, there better be a sequel.

  5. Haha says:

    Rage Fapping? Not even once to any NTR. =D

  6. kaox08 says:

    i wish there will be a sequel. i want yuu to get revenge to those three slut

    • J-Mon says:

      The women are not sluts. They are the victims here. They plan to have a night of passionate sex with Yuu but are drugged and ravaged by those jerks. What is worse is that they are ovulating and plan to be impregnated by Yuu. Those jerks actually ejaculate inside of them despite their pleas not to. In the end, it is possible that they have become pregnant and are having a hard decision whether they should go for an abortion. I wish for a sequal or better still an alternate version where the women and their beloved Yuu have passionate sex.

      • NTR lover says:

        You might be right on one part, but he is as well. When the had the choice to go they still went with the men and continue to have sex with them. On top of that I am willing to bet just like with mostly every other NTR story the main male if he choose to stay with them wouldn’t be able to satisfy them anymore since they are not accustom to a larger penis then he has.

        • name says:

          they went for abortion at the end… in the scene where they only gives blow jobs and kisses…. cuz they abort the baby and if they will have sex they might die or damage they`re ovaries….

        • J-Mon says:

          they are taken to the masnsion against their will. Those jerks plan to make a porn film tha features them being ravages. Now there is continuation which shows what happen at the mansion. The women have decided to take their vengeance against those jerks. They allow themselves to be taped so that it can be used as evidence of rape. If they do become pregnant, it will be another solid evidence of rape. It is no coincident that those jerks are arrested after the film is made. The women are now suffering psychological despair as they feels that they are no longer worthy to be lovers of their beloved Yuu. They perhaps believe that it is better off for him to find a new lover instead.

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