[Sanbun Kyoden] Winter Hydrangea – Fuyu no Ajisai ch 5 [English]

And Mifuyu makes her return to your lives in chapter 5 of Sanbun Kyoden’s Fuyu no Ajisai (Winter’s Hydrangea). I think we can all agree about this being the turning point of the story. Mifuyu’s delicious fall is complete. There’s one more chapter left and I will be doing it in due time.  Thanks to Brolen for the translation, Faytear for editing chapters 1-4, and contributors Xinthos, Anonymous, Highlow88, BetterEnding for donating funds.

As for announcements, I’m gonna do chapter 5 of Naked Party next, then I will be completing Kuniaki Kitakata’s Himitsu no Keijiban H na Onna no Naisho Banashi tank, which has two chapters that are untranslated atm.  UPDATE, added Upload Mirror Links

Happy Rage Fapping

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