Donor Projects

Here’s how donor projects will work.  Suggest a tank here in a comment and if enough people like the suggestion, I’ll add it as a donor project.  Only one donor project will run at a time.

Suggested Donor Projects

COMIC HANA-MAN 2013-06 Kusatsu Terunyo Tokushuu

[Clone Ningen] Yomeho to Tsumaho | Yome Hole & Tsuma Hole

[Hori Hiroaki] Kiss Us & Kiss Ass!!!


Current Donor Projects

[Kotoyoshi Yumisuke] Doukoku no Taiyou Koukotsu no Tsuki

Raw | Translation

Chapters funded: 1-9

Chapters Needing Funding:  10 ($17) + Afterword ($5)

Chapters Translated: 1-6

Chapters Edited: 1-6

[Enomoto Hidehira] Papilla Heat Up

Chapter 1 – Hidden Maaya [English]

Chapters 2-10 – Need Funding ($25 per chapter)


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